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Cropping an photos couldn’t have been easier and more fun than has made it. To crop your photos easily online, open Photo Editing Tool

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cropping image like a pro

Crop Like A Pro

Cropping cuts down the extra space in your images surrounding your subject to give your photo a neat and sharp look.

There are several reasons one should consider cropping images before using them or uploading them. Cropping deletes the extra pixels in your image and makes your image look more professional. It makes the object you captured look more prominent.

Cropping can also make your image multifunctional. You can use your photos on social media, on websites, in a photo album, as wallpapers, etc., after you crop them.

Use Custom Images Preset

You can either manually type the dimensions, i.e., the width and the height, at what you want your photo to be cropped. This option will crop the image at your given dimensions automatically.

You can also click on the Preset button and choose one of the four presets depending on your requirement. You can also manually drag and drop the crop frame on your image by clicking one of the four rectangles at the corner of the frame for a free hand experience.

Adjust the frame to the margins you want to crop the image. To undo any undesired changes, click the reset button and make your adjustments again. Click OK when you are done. Your image will be cropped.

cropping image with custom presets

How to crop photos online for free

  • 1


    Select image to upload or choose from the example photos.

  • 2


    Fill the width and height of the image, drag the resize component on the canvas or choose from the preset photos list, then click "crop"

  • 3


    Click on the save button and choose the file format to save - JPG or PNG.

Frequently asked questions

There are times when you look close to perfection in a photo, the background is perfect, but there may be a passerby that ruined your picture. Don’t worry. We have all been there. So, turn the tables in your favor by using the free online photo editing tool. Among its many features, the device also offers the primary option for cropping out the unwanted parts of your picture. Once you have clicked on the ‘open editor option,’ you are on a new page. On the page's top left side, there is a symbol for ‘Crop.’ Click on that. You will see with two options, Preset and Custom. Uploading pictures was never this easy. If you want to customize, your size chooses the Custom option and determines whatever Width and Height suit you.

When using - the free online photo editor tool, the options will be endless. Among the many choices, there is also the alternative to choose between Custom and Preset images. That’s an option not many editing websites offer. Preset images involve no work. Everything is set and done for you, all you have to do is click on some final options, and you get the final product in tada. An example of the preset feature is that when you use the free online photo editor tool for cropping, it gives you the Preset Option. This involves dimensions that are already present. For instance, you will see the option for the 16:9 to 16:10 dimension, and the list goes on. Preset features for an Instagram story or a Facebook cover are also there. On the other hand, the Custom option gives you a free hand, and you can decide the width and height of your image

Using for resizing an image is a piece of cake. Upload the image, click on the resize option on the left-hand side. Next, enter the width and height. Then, click on the ‘tick’ symbol, and you will get the image in your desired size without any compromise on the quality—no fear of losing quality when you use the Online Photo Editor.

To keep the image's aspect ratio intact, all you have to do is change the image size by percentage, and the - free online photo editing tool will give you your desired result.