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Easy. Because nobody does it better and smoother than Online Photo Editor does. has made resizing online easier and more fun than ever before. Want to know how? Read along. Resizing means to change the size of your image or photo without disturbing the pixel quality of it.

There can be several benefits of resizing online using Resizing saves you storage space by making your image size smaller without affecting the quality of your image. In fact, resizing improves your image's quality by making the pixels denser on a smaller picture.

How to Add Resize Images Online For Free

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    Select image to upload or choose from the example photos.

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    Fill the width and height of the image, or choose "keep aspect ratio" to save the original image ratio.

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    Click on the save button and choose the file format to save - JPG or PNG.

Frequently asked questions

To resize an image easily and quickly, open Free Online Photo Editor and Convertor and upload your photo on it. Once your image is open in the Photo Editor, hover your mouse to the left of the window under and pick the resizing from toolbar. offers a variety of liberties when it comes to resizing your image online. You can avail one or more options from the resizing range. On the left, type in the width and height at which you want your photo to be resized. In the left menu, set the width and height that you want. Click 'OK', and the image will be resized. that so simple!

Click on the action you want to go back to in the history list, and your action will be undone. Click OK when you are done making your adjustments, and your photo will be resized.

Check the Keep Aspect Ratio box if you want the resizing to be symmetrical. To undo any undesired changes, hover your cursor to the top right corner and find the Reverse Clock icon. Clicking it will show you the history of the actions you have performed so far.

To save the photo, hover your cursor to the top right corner of the window and find the Save button. Hit the save button and choose whether you want to save your image in .png format or .jpg format. Use the slider to control your image's quality if you are saving it in a .jpg format and then hit Download. Wasn’t that simple as we promised? Got more images to crop? free Online Photo Editor is the place to go.